This blog is an attempt to understand why some people deny the existance of child sexual abuse by changing the subject to false memories, false memory syndrome, witchhunts, satanic panic and other analogies that are intended to ridicule, shame, scare and silence people who remember being hurt by those with power over them.

It describes the  false memory movement as social movement that attempts to deny the extistance and extent of child sexual abuse.


The main focus is the false memory movement in the UK

The blog can also be read as my own process of coming to understand the effect that the false memory movement has played in my own life, by superimposing their rhetoric over my own experience, ridiculing and silencing me.

Some recent posts

Boycotting dissociation

The Sunday Times and false memory

What would society look like if the false memory people got what they wanted? 

So-called Recovered memory therapy

How does the BBC use language about child sexual abuse?

How is language being used to deny child sexual abuse in the UK today?

The witch-hunt metaphor


The strange case of Thomas Quick (book review)

Mindfullness causes false memories?

A dedication to those who listen to memories that no-one else wants to know about







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